Get Your Pura Vida Wet

Fishing • Snorkeling • Dolphin Watch

You haven’t seen the Caribe Sur until you’ve seen it from the Sea!  We offer a variety of options to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean from a comfortable and safe boat. Whether it’s the adventure of catching a feisty Tarpon, finding your pura vida among a pod of Atlantic Bottle Nose dolphins, or free diving for lobster and octopus, you’re sure to enjoy a day on the azure sea with the emerald green jungle in the distance.

Puerto Viejo Fishing Vacations

Captain Pino was born and raised here in Puerto Viejo, and has been fishing the Southern Caribbean reefs for more than 40 years.

Tours begin and end in the small harbor in centro Puerto Viejo, near Hot Rocks Bar & Restaurant.

Your Hosts Nick & Janet

Online support:  Nick & Janet

There are several day trips available, including fishing, snorkeling, and dolphin watching.  We work with you to match your expectations and take advantage of what the sea is offering. For large groups, additional boats and captains may be available, allowing you to leave the coordination to us.