Blog, they say, “huh? what will I talk about?”

For more than 6 years, curiously the same length of time I dreamed of living in Costa Rica, I have, well, been running a fishing boat in, yes, Costa Rica.  It’s amazing how time flies.  I don’t think a week has gone by that I haven’t been told, or told myself, that I should get on the website and blog… or go to Facebook and post more pictures… or open an Instagram account… or a Twitter, or… well, you get it.  I haven’t, I am a social marketing zero.  BUT, I am going to try.  Besides, the seas are big this week, the waves are breaking on our fishing shoals, the trees are blowing around like hula dancers, and as long as the wifi holds up, I’ll make myself stop watching the sloths and monkeys in the garden and discipline myself to stare at a screen–ugh.  Anyway.  this is it for tonight, the monkeys are howling and the Caribbean rum wants to warm my tummy on this chilly night in the tropics… yeah, it’s a crisp 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Don’t h8!

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