Chiquita Escondida

About the property

A quiet lane, barely wide enough for a car, leads you to this hidden gem–Chiquita Escondida.   A uniquely designed villa that features five buildings,  a cluster of spaces for retreats, family reunions, or several couples traveling together–a large open rancho, three casitas housing four master-bedroom/bath suites, and a large play room which allows overflow sleeping. The property accommodates up to 12 persons and is rented as a single unit. We host just one group at a time to assure your maximum enjoyment of all features.

Each building represents a theme and displays the colors, textures and materials specifically expressing it’s theme, maximizing the varied features of the property. Walking paths weave through tropical gardens, past the pool and outdoor seating areas, as they connect the units but ensure privacy.  All bedrooms equipped with one king sized  bed, convertible to two XL twin beds if you prefer.  All bedrooms have screened windows with security frames, ceiling fans, device ports, quality linens, coffee/tea service and locally made bath products.

The beach at Cubali Town.


A trip to the beach is just footsteps, literally a couple dozen footfalls and you’re in the Caribbean Sea snorkeling one of the best reefs on the coast.


The Cabinas~ Berta A & Nonnie B

Back to back cabinas sharing a common wall, perched over a seasonal creek, the cabinas are just a few yards from the rancho and the pool.  A half-bath accommodates visitors, swimmers and chefs from the kitchen, and limits access to your private cabina.

Berta A

Berta A features a private sitting deck with two chairs, drying rack and a hammock (not pictured).  The Beach House (Elsea) is seen in the background.

In this view, Berta A, with her Peppery accents, is made up with two XL twins, demonstrating the capacity to host double occupancy in a single room.  All the rooms allow for a similar configuration, if desired.

A barn door separates the sleeping area from the light and airy bath.  A generous sized vanity, outfitted with quality linens and locally made personal products pamper you in the jungle.


The walk-in shower features veiled views to the garden, a wand style shower  and unique creative use of tile and stone.


Nonnie B

Nonnie B features a private sitting deck with two chairs, drying rack and a hammock.  The jungle garden is seen in the background.

In this view Nonnie B, with her highlights of Framboise, is made up to a generous Queen-worthy bed.  A 3″ thick king-sized topper bridges two XL twins, without feeling any bumps or ridges. 

Nonnie B is handicapped accessible for guests who require such. Within close proximity and over level walkways, the rancho can be seen in the background, easy access for guests in the cabinas.

The cabinas are bordered by a pair of majestic trees loaded with orchids, tillandsias and an occasional sloth– for your viewing pleasure from the bedrooms and the showers.


The Garden House~ Viola

A single story unit, Viola is nestled in the garden, growing camouflaged with her vining plants and extensive green.  A footpath leads you from the rancho, past the pool, over a bridge, through gardens to your own little oasis.

The roomy deck provides seating for several and a hammock to wistfully swing away the warm afternoon, breezes filtered through the beachfront vegetation are supplemented by an overhead fan.

Charming in it’s palette of calming greens, hints of playful purple, and generous tropical plantings throughout.  Viola features wall to wall screened windows with artistic security frames.

The vanity positioned between a pair of closets provides generous space, quality towels, locally made bath products, and natural rock, wood and planted accents.


The cottage boasts a one-of-kind atrium bathroom.  Bathe in a clawfoot tub nestled in a private garden with salt air breezes blowing through the generous screened windows. 

The double shower features a rain head and a wand among potted palms, ivy strewn walls and an extensive mixed-media mosaic.  Skylights and screened windows bring the outside in, while generous plantings assure modesty.

A kitchenette allows you to enjoy your first cup of coffee without leaving the casita, or sequester yourself away eating your leftovers stored in the fridge and reheated in the microwave provided.  We get it, you may not want to leave.

The Beach House~Elsea

Beachfront, Elsea, a two-story unit  doused in the colors of the Caribbean Sea, features a play room on the first floor and a master-bedroom suite at tree level.

Enjoy a nap on the ground floor porch swinging gently in your hammock while the sounds and sweet ocean breezes coax you into full tranquilo mode.


A spacious play room provides seating which opens onto the deck. Enjoy ping pong or board games or just stretch out on a pair of futons which convert to overflow sleeping. 


A compact kitchenette provides a refrigerator, microwave and coffee service.  The 3/4 bathroom. is compact but well stocked with quality linens and personal care products.


Upstairs, a grand master-bedroom and bathroom suite bathes you in Caribbean blues, with beach-inspired decor and views out over the sand to the sea.

Barn doors frame the bed, or close off the bathroom from the sleeping area.  A cushioned lounge area or overflow sleeping for a child or small adult. Ceiling fans  cool, even when the breezes cease to blow off the sea.

Private veranda looking to sea and an unobstructed view of the wildlife crossing–monkeys, sloths and macaws are common–after all, this really is their place, we’re the visitors.


The generous bathroom area includes a walk-in shower with an ocean inspired rock mosaic,  a toilet stall for modesty and a generous vanity area.  


The Rancho~ Doña

Gathering here in the spacious rancho Doña, you’ll discover the owner’s passion for Craftsman style construction with the easy breezy Caribbean way of life celebrating the vibrance of the jungle.  

A large well-equipped kitchen with high-end appliances, a generous kitchen island, an abundance of counter space and two sinks welcome many hands helping. 


Wall-less on three sides bring bright light, airy breezes and beautiful scenery at every turn.   A secure bodega provides clean, dry, and ordered storage just footsteps from the kitchen/living area.  

The kitchen connects to the BBQ/grilling area, which, located adjacent to the pool, also provides an additional refrigerator and wet bar without disturbing the cooks.

Indoor seating and dining areas surrounded by covered decks blurring the lines between inside and outside.



Decking extends the rancho, to the pool, designed to fit nearly every taste.  A poolside bath accommodates guests without need to enter private rooms.

Assorted seating areas are modular, allowing you to organize the space into clusters of intimate seating or assembled together for comfortable seating around a common area.

Three identical tables can be positioned into separate dining/work spaces, or configured in a number of shapes to accommodate meetings or instruction areas.

The Grounds

Wake early to the sound of the Howler Monkeys in the trees overhead, followed by the Parrots and Parakeets in flocks headed to wherever parrots go each day–we call them “the commuters”, keep an ear and eye out for the Great Green Macaws which have made a miraculous recovery and are now frequently seen in the mature trees along the coast.

Howler Monkeys frequent the property.

The pool and deck are the heart of the property.  The salt-water pool meets the needs of nearly all water lovers; a beach entry, wet deck for half-immersed sunning, a wide bench for full-immersed seating and a deep plunge for swimming or exercising.  Deck chairs and recliners surround the pool for sunning or can be positioned under cover of the trees to stay cool on even the hottest day.  A unique cantilevered corner bench seats plenty, or stretch out and watch the water flow by in the seasonal creek below.  The creek provides habitat for frogs and small fish, while the reptiles, birds, insects and small mammals.

Jefe, our three-toed sloth.


The extensive plantings and creek provide habitat for many species of wildlife; we regularly see a two-toed sloth in the beachfront almond, and this smiling three-toed became knows as Jefe during construction.


Catch the frequent visits of the agoutis, they love coconut and bananas!  Exercise both your luck and your patience at snapping the perfect photo of the magnificent Blue Morpho butterfly as they regularly weave through the garden.

Chestnut mandible toucan

A birder’s delight, enjoy views of pelicans, frigates, and other shorebirds from the beach, while the gardens and jungle brush entice visits from toucans, parrots, macaws, manakins, and many more species of ground and tree dwelling birds.  The peculiar call (and coloring) of the Rail will amuse you, while the colors and varieties of hummingbirds will mesmerize you.

Outdoor seating, hammocks, and decks immerse you in the tropical setting with hundreds of species of tropical plants to attract an endless rainbow of birds and butterflies. The design of our home and gardens maximize nature beauty.


A near-forgotten place, Cubali Town is a historic neighborhood,  borrowing its name from a well-loved fisherman, who’s son is still the local harbor master.

The Jaguar Rescue Center is a 7 minute walk, markets are 5 or 10 by bike depending which way you turn when you get to the paved road.  The public bus runs regularly and for a buck you can get to Puerto Viejo or Manzanillo in about 15 minutes.  Or if you plan to drive, please limit the number of vehicles on the property to no more than 3, we want to prioritize beauty and green space over parking lots.


About the owners

Owners, Janet & Nick, finished construction of the home in November 2019, this is their second property available for vacation rental in the Caribe Sur.  They built their original property here in 2006. and offered the home as a vacation rental for almost 5 years while they pined away in the great Pacific Northwest.  In 2010 they made Puerto Viejo their full-time home.  Realizing they had an abundance of space, they remodeled the downstairs to create a rental unit to accommodate their fishing guests.  It soon became apparent that more than fishermen were interested in the apartment, they began to host couples from around the globe, living upstairs with their overgrown Rhodesian Ridgeback pup, Zuri, and an elusive cat, Delgado.

In 2016, the owners acquired this beach-front property which they developed into a unique vacation rental and retreat center, while they simultaneously renovated a classic Caribbean bungalow next door.  They retreat to the bungalow when their original home is occupied, or just when they want to wake up beachfront; regardless, they’re available to you when you need, absent when you don’t.   Zuri accompanies them wherever they land, and Delgado, well, he’s the jungle house cat, give him a lap and he’ll be your’s for a wink or a while.



  • $400/night up to 4 guests
  • $450/night up to 6 guests
  • $500/night up to 8 guests
  • $25/pp to maximum of 12
  • Two night minimum on typical rentals.

Prime:  (Semana Santa/Easter Week,  Christmas, etc):

  • $600/night up to 4 guests
  • $650/night up to 6 guests
  • $700/night up to 8 guests
  • $35/pp to maximum of 12
  • Three night minimum on prime rentals.

Prices do not include 13% tax (required by CR law) or cleaning fees.

On site Amenities

*Denotes deposit required or fee for use

  • Washer & Dryer *
  • Snorkel Equipment *
  • Cell Phone *
  • Coffee Makers in all rooms and kitchen
  • Dishes & Utensils
  • Microwave(s)
  • Refrigerator/freezer(s)
  • Blender(s)
  • Toaster oven
  • Outdoor Grill
  • Pool
  • Pool floats
  • Beach Toys

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